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Why should I write

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“Why should I write? How should I write? Should I write or not?”.

Question raised like, I feel like no one wants to know what I think. I believe I don’t have anything good to say, and perhaps I’m not good at expressing myself. I’ve always thought that someone will listen to me someday! But really will you keep pondering such questions throughout your life?

No, Pick up! a pen and paper and write on it, ‘Listen what I am writing’ .It’s just as powerful as you hand tools to an expert. If speaking online is not an option, learn to express yourself through writing is the next best way . Listeners may or may not hear, but readers will definitely read. Because those who read often don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t listen you after looking first from head to bottom.

Write for yourself first, then for others too. Because a writer has the ability to explore the depths of their own soul and the soul of silence especially when if they learn the art of honest expression through writing. And yes, the beginning is often challenging, then maintaining continuity becomes even more difficult, because writing is not just about putting words on paper; it’s an Art.

Have you ever thought? That the day you learn to write, your thoughts will align. Sometimes aligning thoughts can be as challenging as solving a riddle. When you write, you realize that the point you were overthinking was not worth pondering, either because it follows a natural flow, adheres to a certain structure, or holds intrinsic value. Writing unfolds various aspects, including faith and much more.

Through writing, you can align your thoughts based on priority, value, and results. And finally, you get a satisfied answer that builds upon your new and strong though. As you have assigned value to that thought and dedicated it your precious time. When you discuss that point, the probability of your confidence, certainty, and correctness being higher compared to others, likely to be 90% more. If you say how? then the point is you’ve already judged it from a 360-degree angle, will be familiar with every dimension of it. Indeed, considering every dimension implies evaluating without bias from all perspectives.

How should I write

For achieving this level, whenever you write, keep three things in mind.

person using MacBook Pro

Three steps are,

Firstly, you need to do research while keeping your thoughts aside because sometimes our thoughts preemptively submit themselves.

Secondly, when you’ve done the research, don’t copy-paste. Instead, write it in your own understanding. If you appreciate someone else’s content and want to include it in yours, quote it with the author’s name to maintain the quality of your content.

Third and last, don’t delay in writing, publishing, and sharing, thinking you’ll make it perfect. Perfection comes from practice, and practice needs time and your beginning is indeed the first step in the journey of your practice.Therefore, start right now, not today.

Should I write or not

Aligning thoughts aids in character building.

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Einstein’s saying goes, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Therefore, if you learn to write well, your view will be clear and understanding will become sharp, and then you can provide a good explanation, essentially becoming a proficient speaker.

Your first may not be the best, but the rest depends on taking that initial step.

Good luck for your initial content!

Remember, learning from every mistake is the best way to become irreplaceable.

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