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(Here thing is not refer as an object rather something different. ) 

Look around and start browsing things all around you.Is there anything what you find stick with you like a chewing gum? Is there any… 

If you don’t find it steps away then close your vision and look just near up and down, still wondering or find something? 

Hint: just off all lights around you and also opt a night surrounding , what you loose?

Yeah, it looks like you loosing that But in real It’s there even now. It’s the eyes which is enable to watch.

Then question is what could be seen with eyes but without light. Answer is the DARKNESS itself.

The thing is very near like the part of the body,  remain attached always,  Can’t be hit it apart. Can say a choice less  life partner.


Your shadow is none but a reflection of you.

All my aim to address you with a shadow is just to make my part of writing to be delivered easy to a curious and seeker reader. 

What a human nature has In it like a shadow?

A human birth is all like each other but the world exposures different for all,  it’s like The print of finger neither anyone has similar nor alike.  Even with same finger or palm size. Each is assigned with distinct Pattern. 

It Looks like Some life stories are similar but in real each one is unique or different in one way or other .

Human has different instinct in it but the most Fascinating and unknown one is animal instinct.

Animal instinct

It’s like shadow, it modifies it’s shape like shadow changes when the variation occur in angle of incident.

Every human comprise a feature of becoming an animal all of sudden. It’s feel like the born of wildness when the human face scars,  grief,  disloyalty and encompasses lots of sorrow. But in real it’s from the birth and embedded deep inside as the baby birth hiding the potential inside deep which he exposes when the right time comes or the edge of climax in his life.

What are the reasons of becoming an animal after being a human.

A heart can’t only feel, love, emotion but also grief and sometimes becomes heavy too. It’s the purpose of heart above the pumping of blood all time throughout the life. The way it express good emotions it’s well known to develop the bad to worst emotions called as jealousy, envy, hatred, revenge and many more.

Prevent the blackening of heart

Like the gesture of love is heart besides, the heart with arrows symbolic of breaking it up. Heart with false notion is like a black heart which can’t be take any color due it’s dark shade. As the person heart becomes a foe and don’t give it up and forget then it’s can refer as the dark which can’t be changed with any condition like any color. Sometimes lots of therapies go into vain. Last the key and lock is the person itself.  It’s introspection can only let him leave like the dusting of dirt. 

Human never behave that savagely but by the time he annoys so that is the peak time of character testing as the whole scenario urge to make you rebel. You and your calmness, self can only make the way like the ant changes the direction when obstacle arrive. Why ant here? As it knows no matter the hurdle is i will find my destiny what i required a bit change in my direction. likewise the thirst of heart diseases(envy, jealousy..)  can’t be defeated but can be overcome with nourishment of heart with gratitude,  love, sympathy,  humbleness last but not least forgiving attitude. 

Load your heart with goodness one day it will lead your life with goodness.

only 🔑 key can 🔓 unlock the knob then use it otherwise only left option will be break it up. 




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