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What is law in Bookish language Law is a system of rules and regulations that
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What is law in Bookish language

Law is a system of rules and regulations that are created and enforced by a governing authority, such as a government or a legal system.

brown wooden tool on white surface

These rules are designed to

  • regulate behavior within a society
  • ensure order
  • resolve disputes
  • and protect the rights and interests of individuals and the community as a whole.

That is my nation’s laws what I follow and assume to be followed by others.The rule we follow, Is it really followed by the executive, judge or supreme power people who have control on laws implementation and amendments in the same way of following how the ordinary man living in third class society supposed to be follow?

Violations of the law can lead to penalties, fines, or legal consequences. Is that so what if people with elite group violate laws or do any act of crime. Are the people in power are also included in it or they confidentially ignore with open eyes. Does fee under table play the whole game for them.

How the society see it

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In real, Society is divided into three groups lower class, middle class and upper class. Do these classes matter? Yes. Some are never stand in queue and some half lives devoted to queue from a line at copy checking time in classroom to the queues of line itself sometimes in bank, hospital, buying tickets and many more. Former one can be consider an elite class and later one is lower class respectively.

Middle-class individuals often face various challenges and issues that are specific to their socioeconomic status Like Financial strain half life lost in balancing income with expenses sympathetic constant struggle with education cost, retirements planning, job insecurity

Balancing work and family life can be challenging, with the pressure to excel in one’s career while maintaining family commitment the most pathetic.

Governing authority

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If we ever begin from making laws then even after my sixth generation there will be some rights that have to be written. How the world change the need of changing in guidelines also arises means rule has to be modified. As the situation won’t be the constant it differ every next time, one rule for girl empowerment then other would argue for against feminism. Excesses leads to disruption so maintain balance isn’t an easy task.

The governing authority must be reliable in every aspect. Being in power of conduct and implementation is not enough. The authority should be

  • supreme
  • ownership
  • caring of people
  • Strong enough with zero weakness
  • Leads (can guide through guidelines)
  • have it’s impact it can be love or fear everlasting
  • Authority with power of implementation.
  • eternal and has it’s presence

Who Could be fit for this position

A priest who have it’s impact but not authority with power, billionaire business man was he has ownership, can be supreme in some aspects his market stock will matters but does he has authority, leadership or his ideas can be discuss like guidelines. No, not at all. Fine, let’s go through our people in power so called government, do they appropriate to fulfill the place. Can’t speak they are those who loves politics, do politics and are politics itself so No points to even elect as per above bulletin points. They people have zero caring potential.

Can it be human

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Nope, can’t be it as human is born weak. The life stages of human accelerate him from weak to strong( child to teen) as strong as iron (Adult) and from strongest to very weak like fallen leaves(old age to end of life). Weak strengthen then weak. Development and evolution occur inside or outside environment makes him brave enough but not capable of ultimate possessor of this position As he doesn’t has everlasting impact due to its dynamic nature and the end of life that is mortal.

The ultimate lawmaker

The one who fit for every aspects whatever the situation or era or period it would be static, present forever, have authority, power and is the king of all king, the real supreme who creates you and me. He is the one whose guidelines must be followed and can uphold you at tumble. Find your creator follow it’s guidelines as he only deserves to make law. The law he made would be reliable, acceptable and also never contradicting human nature as the creator knows the all functionality, cons and pros and for judgment can’t be bribed. People has reason to follow that is love and fear.

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Who will be rule whose rule should be follow. What you say?

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