The basic health Conscience what people don’t know

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The health we know from the very beginning is of two types that is physical Fitness and mental fitness.

Physical fitness is all about the health status of your body including cells, organ ,organ system , your over all posture and appearance if it’s well and good means you are physically fit.

Besides it mental fitness includes the state of mind of human being , if the person is out of stress, behave according to situation, all responses coming out of a brain is normal. Looking no thing hijack the mind processing then the person assumed as a mentally fit and good.

If the person has accomplished both above mentioned categories then it is supposed to be perfect healthy individually.

Sometimes Psychological experts also consider the relationship of individual with the surrounding people. If it is maintained then the person is socially fit.

Do really being a one Who is physically, mentally and socially Fit is enough to go with joy and happiness in your life?

The Truth behind these three fitness

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People say this is mentality of today’s world but i say no, this is the law of the universe and it exists from where the world come into existence.hui

People are well treated when they have power, ๐Ÿ’ฐ money, status. With these three Finesses are easy to achieve. Due to this people like to know them attach with them sometimes it fails the stickiness of Fevicol(glue). Do they look like socially well and good.Then why these people take sleeping pills to sleep. there id something which is above all.

What you called a physical fit sometimes feel crushed from inside even after having lab test with totally analyzed report Showing everything normal From a-z then what is out of function? Man, there is something more.

The Person who himself Practicing Yoga and keep doing mental exercises sudden start feeling lonely and quit then rest , why not single treatment gives a total cure of mental illness, doctors use drug to deal with the situation but it won’t be consider as acute rather a temporary diversion which work shortly.

No permanent reliable solution is known up to very far.

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An explanation of health, new and unknown

Now again we start from the beginning and the classification.

Health is of two types that is physical and spiritual. As our Life is approved the presence of our physical existence and our death define the loss of spirit means the human being is Somewhere dwell in between these two one physical and the other spirit.

Then What about social and mental health? Yes, these two are none but the sub division of spiritual fitness. If you strengthen your spirit then it will make you wise enough to deal with both categories.

If someone hit you, your body can show wound but you hurt only your spirit feel it. That’s why a body called as dead body without spirit and the child born would be a mud statue until spirit is blown into the body. When they both combine then named Human come into existence. So that other life creatures.

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Nourish your mind from knowledge and also process it into your mind.

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How should human nature accept it and deal with it

Now a man has an access to stars, space, moon.Do you ever think from where it ever begin, the today’s modern world is not like the one our ancestors live with. Man modifies it’s day to day life, thinking style then surrounding. To make himself satisfied ding what he can do to almost level.

But, ask one? Does he satisfied.

All of his luxuries and modification is for none but physical satisfaction. The more he gets the more ho desires.

It won’t be fulfill just by fulfilling the physical need. It require above it involvement of spirit.

How the spirit would be fulfilled

Make your contact with one who made you. It would be an only remedy to cure your wounds in your soul and fill up the emptiness deep inside of it.

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