Great fun and moral with numbers

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Fiji – Zero, zero!… 🙄 No importance in itself, if you label anything with it that also become value less. And a student like me, always scared of getting it.

Dora – Really then let me ask your choice🤔, If I put Rs.1 and Rs.1000, What would you prefer to pick? Obviously, Rs.1000. Do you really wish to go after your claim that a labeling 0 means valueless.

Fiji – Oh yeah! But in itself it’s nothing because. The best one(can be anything) always will be self resilience. Likewise the other numbers 1,2,3,4…9. But Zero will be zero.

Dora – Do you support individuality then haven’t you heard?

“There is an African proverb that wisely states, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'” – African Proverb.

And see the numbers too 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 prefer to go alone so they end up at 9 only. But numbers encompass infinity when they give up solo performance and unite to express big number and that is ONLY UNITY WHICH TAKE THEM TO THE EXTENSION OF INFINITY.

Fiji – I appreciate your point literally more unity, more numbers gives more value. But this won’t low down the capability of numbers 1-9 . They begin independently and make courage to go alone. Yes, not too far but without initiation or individual performance nothing will come up at all. Neither unity nor infinity.

Dora – I got you. but dear, Fiji. Everything start from nothing. Nothing looks value less or zero but not so true. You can see a plant, a minute seed goes into soil, who knows it will come out or not after sowing and even look at us what we were before we get to our mother womb… Nothing! nothing! nothing!

Fiji – Your examples are not good enough for satisfying where should I link it here? . Yeah when nothing do lots of hard work and never miss home work😂then create it’s expression like 1 and then goes on. You yourself accept zero , valueless and nothing.

Stop your argument here I won! I won!

Dora – Listen! my point is not yet comp…

Fiji – Nope. You lost it. You accept the cause or we both accept zero is zero.

Dora – I didn’t agree.🤨 You are not giving me a chance even to complete my sentence. Don’t you? don’t jump to conclusion by yourself . Let me finish then claim your win.

Answer me please when I will ask

Okay for my sake of friendship with you I get reverse back from infinity to unity and then your individual numbers. Tell me. What’s before nine?

Fiji – 8

Dora – What’s before that ?

Fiji -7

Dora – And then?

Fiji – 6 then 5 then 3, 2 ,1

Dora – And then?

Fiji – What? Why are you making train of it?

Dora – And then ZERO! , counting itself start from nothing means, zero . Now we are on the same track and you are with me,1 will definitely come after zero as you said earlier De..ear.

No need to mention winner’s name that’s me, I am going. Bye, bye!

Fiji – 😡😠

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