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recap: A man with a respected reputation cautiously approaches a gathering in a secluded valley. As he talks to them, a growing unease settles within him, for he begins to realize that these people have set a cunning trap. Just then, more hidden individuals emerge from behind the trees, aiming their weapons at him.

In response to this menacing presence, he quickly draws his sword, understanding that he has unintentionally fallen into a dangerous ambush.

Silhouette of Man on Horse on Lakeshore

Episode 2

A man quietly approaches a group of people in the hidden valleys, and as he talks to them, he begins to realize that these people have set a trap for him. 

Just then, more hidden individuals emerge from behind the trees and take aim at him. 

About 15-20 of them suddenly launch an attack on him alone.

He musters his courage for a while, but eventually, his sword slips from his hand. 

However, just then, a horse with dust flying behind it comes racing from a distance. A young man riding it has covered his face with a veil.

 He comes closer, assesses the situation, and with everyone else staring at him with curiosity, he says, “Is it justice that he was alone, and you are so many?” 

They launch an attack on him upon hearing this.

But this newcomer seems almost like a magician, as he swiftly deals with 10 of them in 3 or 4 moves, bringing them down. The rest of them, seeing this, flee in fear.

Seeing them run away, both of them smile. Then, one of them says, “They call this person Ahan saheb ” and extends his hand. The other responds with a handshake and says, “Well I’m wasee khair. 

Ahan continued;You saved me from these people. We’ll always be in your debt. Please give us a chance to serve you sometime.” 

Wasee humbly declines, “No, this was my duty. I often pass through here,” he continues. “I come here for hunting. 

Which area do you live in?” They engage in further conversation about their respective homes and eventually part ways.

Scene 2

“A servant enters and says, ‘Zehran Malik, there is a message for you from Fateh Rajput, their advisors will be arriving here shortly.”

They wish to speak with you about a few matters.”

Just then, Zehran’s trusted advisor speaks up, “They can discuss two things with you:

1.Trading issues.

2.The long-standing land dispute between your territory and theirs.

Currently, they are within our premises. However, last year, Fateh wasn’t in charge of their delegation; someone else had requested land negotiations. But by coincidence, Fateh now represents them. So, please be cautious when dealing with them.”

Esha listens to all of this and says, “Zehran, if you want, I can handle the conversation.”

Zehran replies, “No, Esha, it’s better if Burak talks. But where is he?”

A servant informs, “He has gone out for some errand. He asked me to convey this message.”

Scene 3

And then, he came running, leading those wild dogs as if he were the greatest wild creature among them.

gray scale photo of three dogs on forest

The young man had a handsome appearance, but he had fashioned his look in a peculiar and unique way.”

She seemed completely absorbed in sharing these stories, and just then, a voice from behind called out, “Ayat, what are you talking about with your mother? Share it with us too.”

Out of the blue, her mother chimed in, “A young man has captured our daughter’s interest.”

“Who?” asks her father, focusing his attention on her.

“No one, Papa… Mom is just saying things.”

But then her mother says, “Why don’t you tell them? Your father can talk to his parents.”

“But, Mom, I only know his name, and nothing else.”

Her father chuckles, “Oh, I see. That means our daughter has taken a liking to someone. Tell us where he lives, and we’ll visit his family.”

Upon hearing this, Ayat looks at her parents with wide eyes, and they all burst into laughter.

Scene 4

The sun had just risen. There were so many people, all advancing together, some with bows and some with swords, gripping the reins of their horses tightly as they moved forward. 

old medieval ruins of Dunluce Castle on ocean coast in northern Ireland famous place in uk

The one they were targeting, who had just woken up, saw his spymaster rushing towards him, and all the leaders of the fortress gathering.

They explained the entire situation to him. “Aali, at this moment, more than half of our army has deserted. You had set out with your friend Burak. 

Currently, we have 470 troops, and they seem to have over 2000. We can’t even see their flag clearly.”

He was astonished, wondering why this sudden attack. Among those he trusted the most, Sipesalar Sikandar, he spoke privately. Then, he came before everyone and said, “They have a problem with me, they are after me. If I surrender, you all will be spared. Otherwise, our approach will be self-destruction.”

“Before I consider surrendering, I want to know more. How did this army arrive here? And how did they manage to enter our territory without our knowledge?”

Sikandar responded, “I don’t know why, but it feels like they are coming from all directions. So far, we have been lacking in identifying the enemy. It seems, sir, that there are spies among us.”

Suddenly, there was an attack within his fortress, and Wasee’s eyes opened. 

His dream shatters right there, and his eyes snap open. He immediately sits up, drenched in sweat, feeling utterly disconcerted.

To be continued..!

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