Episode 3rd
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Recap; Suddenly, an attack occurs in his dream, and Wasee’s eyes open. He’s drenched in sweat, and guru ji asked if he had a bad dream. 

houses surrounded by grass field

“No, it was just the heat,” he says. But as he steps outside for some fresh air, he senses as if someone is following him on this late night. He tries to act as if he hasn’t noticed, and once inside, he turns off the lights. However, through a window, he keeps peering outside, sensing someone might be lurking behind the bushes. So, he decides to grab his binoculars and take a look. When he returns, he notices someone on a horse heading towards the other side of the lake.

Back inside, Wasee thinks to himself, “Whoever it is, they are from this town, because if they were from another territory, they would take shortcuts through the jungle to escape. Has someone found out about me intentionally or is it just a coincidence?”

But why was this person following him? Does someone truly suspect my identity? I must complete my mission quickly. I have placed spies among the enemy forces in other territories. Fateh, I need your help now.

Scene 2

“Aayat Ava walked along the tranquil shores of the lake, where he had left her one last time. She settled down for a while, and soon, other girls arrived to fetch water. Among them, one girl stood out with an unusual presence. After a brief moment, she approached Aayat and said, ‘Your name is Aayat, isn’t it?’ 

green grass field near lake under blue sky during daytime

Aayat looked at her in silence. She continued, are you the daughter of the chief (sardar)?’ 

Aayat replied hesitantly, ‘Yes, I am. But it’s better if you don’t mention it to everyone. I prefer to wander around as an ordinary person.’

As they chatted,”Right at that moment, Vasee passes by that very place,”

It seemed he was in a great hurry, as if he had a destination to reach, and time was scarce. 

“Ayaat kept looking at Wasee until his horse disappeared from her view.”

Then, out of the blue, the girl remarked, ‘Yes, indeed, he’s handsome, and he’ll match well with you!’

They both exchanged smiles, lost in a moment of unspoken understanding.”

Scene 3

photo of white castle

“Fateh had called upon a group of people to rectify the flaws within his palace.”

Among them, a young man, draped in a cloak, stood quietly, listening to every word. As soon as the opportunity arose, he slipped a note into Fateh’s pocket.

After a while, Fateh strolled along the lakeshore lost in thought and absentmindedly reached into his pocket. That’s when he discovered the note.

It read, ‘Tonight, at 8:00 PM, at the western shore of the fortress.’ There was a signature below.”

“Fateh, upon reading this, swiftly mounted his horse and headed west. With approximately 5 minutes left until 8 o’clock, he reached the designated location but found no one there. Just then, another note came into his possession. It instructed him to descend the stairs immediately, as within the next 5 minutes, the assembly of individuals would be returning, and he could meet them amidst the crowd.”

“Then Fateh says, ‘I knew you were alive, I knew you weren’t dead. Where have you been all this time?’ He silences him and continues, ‘Just listen. In the next 3 minutes, I will move forward with this crowd, and you stay behind. I know if even a hint of your presence is detected by anyone in your region, it will spark rumors throughout the entire court, and suspicions will arise. Those who are familiar with our friendship will recognize it. Listen, Fateh, I need you.’ And he proceeds to explain his entire plan to him.”….!

“And he says, ‘It’s time for me to leave now. When I return, I’ll send a message. I don’t want our enemies to know that my wounds have healed.’ 

Then he turns to leave.

Suddenly, Fateh adds, ‘I’ve known that Esha isn’t Zehran’s wife; she’s his sister. She was part of their plan.’ At this revelation, wasee stops in his track and says, ‘Everyone who has played with trust or has betrayed it. There’s no forgiveness for them.’

“Fateh couldn’t help but gaze at him with a heavy heart because he knew how cheerful and jovial the young man used to be.”

Then, they both turn and head back to their respective homes.”

Scene change 

silhouette photo of people

“It is a unique realm, divided into several regions, like small quadrants within a circle. Among them, the largest quadrant is said to have once been under the rule of Haider Ali, whose wealth and power seemed to encompass the entire kingdom. Those who allied with him often reaped the benefits of his influence.

However, a turning point occurred when his opposition arose from two leaders of separate regions. Fueled by their rivalry, they amassed an army to challenge Haider Ali’s supremacy. Yet, they knew that brute force alone wouldn’t be enough to defeat him. So, they devised a cunning trap, aiming to strike at the very foundations of his power, making sure he could never rise again.”

“That’s why they sent…”

To be continued..!

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