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This is a story of a city where the atmosphere had its own “unique temperament.”

A crowd of children, heading towards the lake, with rain imminent and the weather turning chilly. Today marked the final episode of this story, which had been eagerly anticipated after a month-long hiatus.

As Wasee began to narrate the story, he became so engrossed in it as if it were his own tale.
Now, the scene unfolded in this manner: the undivided attention of all the children focused in one direction, and Wasee, with the intent of concluding the story, uttered these words:

“And then, Haider pursued them, searching relentlessly, but it seemed they had set a different course, a different purpose, etched into their very essence at that moment. It is said that Haider Ali, even today, has not forgotten that wound; he continues to carry that unfinished tale within him.”

silhouette photo of six persons on top of mountain

Wasee, after saying this, fell silent, and then suddenly… he chuckled and asked, “How did you like the story, kids?”

Whether this was the end of the story or just an intermission, only Wasee knew for sure. But that day, seeing him, it became clear to me that this story was intricately connected to Wasee – the furrow on his forehead, the deep contemplation in his thoughts, all painted a vivid picture of that beautiful soul.

After a tiring day of horseback riding, the two men sat down to have a drink and engage in conversation. They appeared to be from distinguished families, exuding an air of nobility. One had the look of a royal household, while the other always sported dark shades and boots.

a brown horse eating grass in a fenced in area

Then, as they spoke, one of them named Zehran mentioned, “Even after all those escapades, Haider managed to evade capture. He never revealed to us the secret he often talked about with you, the one he considered sharing. After all, he was your dear friend, wasn’t he, Burak?”
Burak pondered for a moment and replied,
“I’m thinking he might spare you once, but he won’t spare Esha and me. Revenge is inevitable. What do you say, where do you think he might be now?”

A voice came from behind, saying, “Right where wounded lions dwell.”

They both turn and look back,

“Hey Esha, come on over! How was your journey to Veergarh?” one of them inquired.

sitting down and taking a sip of her drink, Esha says, “brother, first inquire about my well-being. how am i doing?Has any trouble come my way?”

with a smile on his face and embracing her, he says,” sorry, i forgot…so, how are you?”

she replied,”yes, I’m fine, and the journey was enjoyable, though the trading didn’t go too well. They say they only trade with four specific region in a year, and they’ve already decided on those.”

Then, pausing for a moment, she continued, “One of them belongs to Mr. Ahan Sahib, one is Field Marshal Fateh Rajput. And as for the third, I don’t know much about him, just the name of his region.”

Burak remarked, “I’ve heard there are debt crises in their regions.”

Zehran suggested, “Why don’t we approach one of them, perhaps Mr. Ahan Sahib, and borrow from one region to lend to another? Esha, can you tell us who the fourth person is?”

Esha replied, “He mentioned the name of a village after the jungle, and that’s all i know.”

Just then, someone came running from behind, saying, “Malik Zehran, some thieves have stolen from us against our will.”

Burak inquired, “What are you saying?”

“Yes, Malik. They were the ones who were supposed to collect your dues from Tejawan. They’ve been attacked by bandits.”

gold round coins on black textile

While they had imprisoned the collectors, it seemed evident that they were telling the truth. Esha chimed in, “Is this about the same money that was equivalent to 500 tolas of gold profit at Safeer Fort?”

Zehran, with a heavy heart, admitted, “Yes, that’s the one!”

“Until today, nobody had ever dared to loot on that route. Summon Shah and ask him to provide us with all the information about this route. What do the prisoners say? How many were there, and what did they look like?”

The response came, “Malik, they say there were five of them, and they had veiled their faces.”

As Zehran, Burak, and Esha exchanged glances, it was as if an old memory had resurfaced in their minds, and a singular image formed in each of their heads – “Haider Ali.”


On the far side of the lake lived Wasee, separate from the people, in the company of a local sage, in a place of tranquil silence. His house was located at a distance, not too far away. There were no homes nearby; they were scattered a short distance away.

As was his routine, whenever Wasee mounted his horse and prepared to leave, the sage would inquire, “Son, where do you go every day?”

“Baba, to keep myself healthy, I engage in some exercises and practice wrestling with the wrestlers. You know how important it is to exercise. you know how important physical fitness is. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in 2-3 hours.

“All right, return quickly.”

landscape photography of forest

Wasee headed towards the valley beyond the ghat. First, he performed exercises, then practiced swordsmanship, archery, and finally, he used his horse to perform maneuvers on the trees, as if he were one with it.

Just then, he heard a distant cry from somewhere behind. He hastened towards the sound and saw a girl perched on a tree branch, shouting for help while wild dogs howled below.

Wasee swiftly lifted his horse and raced towards the girl, He goes up to a girl and asks her for her hand. Initially, the girl is scared when she sees him. Then, she thinks there might not be any other option, so she decides to sit with him on a horse.”

He left her by the distant lake and headed towards the water’s edge.

The girl was a bit anxious, observing Wasee’s long hair, all-black attire, his face covered by a veil, and the wound on his forehead. But when he gently helped her dismount, she could see that he was a person of boundless temperament.

As Wasee went to fetch water, the girl opened the sheath of his sword and examined it closely. When Wasee returned with water and asked about her purpose in the jungle, she replied, “I teach in another region, and I use this shortcut to return. I don’t know what happened today; it’s all so sudden!”

a dirt path in the middle of a forest

Wasee reassured her, “No worries. Just be careful from now on; this jungle often hosts wild animals. It’s better to take the longer route next time.”

The girl responded, “Alright, so what are you doing here?”

Wasee said, “I often come here for hunting”.

The girl curiously asked, “I’m sorry, but when you went to get water, I saw this sword from your sheath. It’s quite an exquisite one, and there are some engravings on it! Perhaps someone’s name!”

Wasee was taken aback and replied, “Haider, it has ‘Haider’ engraved on it.” it is to protect myself from wild animals. I keep a sword and arrows with me.”

Hearing this, the girl stood up, and Wasee offered to accompany her back to the other side of the lake.

The girl declined, “No, I’ll go from here.”

Wasee mounted his horse and was about to proceed when the girl asked, “So, your name is Haider?”

Wasee paused, considered for a moment, then turned around and said with a faint smile, “Wasee khair, that’s my name.”

The girl continued, “I’m Aayat Ava; that’s what people call me.”

Wasee looked at her, then looked again, and with a slight smile, then he faced forward and gently nudged his horse towards home.


A man with a respected reputation cautiously approaches a gathering in a secluded valley. As he talks to them, a growing unease settles within him, for he begins to realize that these people have set a cunning trap. Just then, more hidden individuals emerge from behind the trees, aiming their weapons at him.

In response to this menacing presence, he quickly draws his sword, understanding that he has unintentionally fallen into a dangerous ambush.


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